We’re small but impressive.

Creating a powerful solution for your business.

Reason one

Most businesses start with a couple of ideas. The creator is often someone who spots a gap in the market or a commercial opportunity and s/he (or they) turn the idea into a marketable product or service.

We want to support you through this journey and assist with making your business visible, marketable, and profitable.

Reason two

A website is a necessity for any business, big or small. If you have a business and don’t have a website, you are probably losing a number of great opportunities for your business.

We assist start-up businesses with creating a custom, professional design that will give you an online presence, attract new customers, and grow your business.

Still not convinced? Here is another one:

Reason three

If you are a small business owner and your business does not have a mobile app, you need to get one. Having a web presence alone is no longer sufficient, as online activity continues to shift to mobile. According to trend watchers, the message for businesses and marketers this year is: go mobile or go home. The focus of 2018 will be to cater to the exponential growth of consumers who now use smartphones and/or tablets as their first – and many times only – device. At Custom App Designs we can create a mobile solution that will give you a mobile online presence.

Our Recent App Demo

Here are some examples of how your Business Mobile App can possibly look like.  Click on the picture to start the demo. If you like what we do and want to know more.


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What our customers say.

“Why didn’t I do this sooner? Business is great!.”

“In only 4 months, I see a huge boost in sales. The design team is patient and gives lots of options. ”